the struggle.

Is it really so, that certain medical professionals, completely base our entire medical assessment on how we respond to those yes/no/maybe (bullshit) questions that they throw our way, as soon as we say mention anything in relation to the words, mental illness?

We go there for help, but what is the usual outcome (again, rhetorical)?

From my experience.. they talk around us. They make decisions about us. They don’t ask us. They tell us.

Just getting a good 45 minutes of their ‘precious’ time to simply just, let it all out. Just being able to bare your soul to someone, even if for just a moment.

From my point of view (experience), just being able to release some of the heavy burden weighing down on you, through spoken words, would be so much more encouraging (and helpful) than heading straight for those heap of papers that are (most likely), evidence-based on some sort of algorithm. Thus inclining medical professionals as to what category to file us under.

This essentially, being their diagnosis.

I can only imagine how many follow-up consultations get missed because of this approach (it’s happened to me anyway).

Then.. when/if (hopefully not) something bad happens, that’s when their heads rear up from behind the stack of yes/no/maybe (bullshit) papers, that’s when the actual concern comes into play.

That 20/20 hindsight.. but without assuming any culpability.

And it’s not just the doctors, it’s all of them.. well, sometimes all of them (I’m not a cynic).

That’s when they say that they ‘saw’ the warning signs.

Perhaps you saw it. But you didn’t SEE it.

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