the struggle.

This has (in my opinion), led to that certain mental illnesses, are being regarded as frivolous, resulting in some of us having to work twice as hard to make ‘them’ understand that what’s happening to us, is more than just (seasonal depression/temporary psychosis/delusions, and so on..) a moment, when we’re (basically) just feeling low, and despondent. All due to certain momentary circumstances.. because believe me, they’ll keep on digging until they find that, minutely, small thing that they can latch onto, as the source of our complete despair.

Being at the point of wanting to, actually, take our own lives.. reaching out to someone, anyone, just one last time.. yet again, there’s very few out there that would take us seriously.

It’s so disappointing. We shouldn’t have to explain ourselves, explain why we feel the way we feel.

There isn’t always a ‘trauma’ in the past, that caused us to feel the way that we do, or that explains everything that our mind (and body) are going through. Yet, not many people (and medical practitioners) understand this.

There’s always a ‘why?’, ‘What happened?’, were you assaulted (sexually, or otherwise)?, because something must have happened!’.

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