what they think we want and need.

To the world, mental illness is incomparable to a lot of other physical illnesses, such as, pneumonia. I know that this is a serious, and sometimes lethal, condition, yet, so are many of ours.


They consider us to be ‘stabilised’ with the simple addition of medication (and whatever else they throw in our general direction). But are we ever fully ‘cured’, is it possibly for some of us to ever be fully ‘cured’.
I think that we are better equipped to know the answer to that. Because, in some cases, they certainly don’t.


We can, without a doubt, tell these medical practitioners what they want to hear in these written ‘questionnaires’ that they love so much.


We’ve read (and heard) them so many times that after a while, we get to the point of being able to predict what ‘diagnosis’ each question is referring to.


We could (maybe some of us sometimes do) easily manipulate the answer to these questions in a way that (we are under the impression) serves our purpose.. even if it’s a dark, and devastating purpose.

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